PINK FLOYD – ” Apples and Oranges ” On American Bandstand 1967

Posted: January 13, 2022 in MUSIC
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Ten years ago, upon the passing of Dick Clark, a long-time contributor to Dangerous Minds Marc Campbell homaged Clark by posting footage of Pink Floyd’s appearance on American Bandstand.

As Campbell pointed out, Clark would select acts for Bandstand and his choice of Pink Floyd in 1967 demonstrates how far ahead of the musical curve Dick Clark was. Treat your eyes to newly colourized footage of Floyd dreamily miming along to their third single “Apples and Oranges” on stage at ABC Studios in Burbank, California on November 7th, 1967.

Before we get to this nothing short of glorious colourized footage, I’d like to touch on the fact that it took nearly a year of work to recreate this moment and it shows. A YouTuber based in Sweden known as Artist on the Border has been creating their own visual representations of Pink Floyd for the last two decades.

The colourization adds a dream-like appearance to the members of Pink Floyd who had just arrived in America for the first time a few days before their appearance on American Bandstand. So stop whatever it is you were doing and let the colorized chill of Pink Floyd wash over you. Also, beware the colorized version of Syd Barrett may give you a hell of a contact high

I present to you my final version of “Apples and Oranges” at the American Bandstand show. Recorded at the ABC Studios, Burbank, California on November 7th 1967. The band performs a half-hearted version of “Apples and Oranges“, presumeably in pre-taped rehearsal with a somewhat absent Syd Barrett fronting the show.

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