FONTAINES D.C. – ” Jackie Down the Line ” 

Posted: January 13, 2022 in MUSIC
Skinty Fia by Fontaines D.C.

In 2020, Fontaines D.C. broke through to American acclaim with their sophomore album “A Hero’s Death“. Today they’ve announced the anticipated follow-up titled “Skinty Fia” named after an Irish phrase that translates to “the damnation of the deer”—which found them working again with producer Dan Carey. In addition to the announcement, the group dropped the lead single “Jackie Down the Line” and a rather intense video directed by Hugh Mulhern. ‘Skinty Fia’ is their third album by Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. The band were pleased with the ‘poppy’ sound they had achieved on the album, only to be told by their manager that what they’d recorded was incredibly dark. The lyrics cover wistful romance and politics, the latter being where the darkness comes in.

The song’s charm centers around a forward, humdrum bass and rattling drums. “My friend Sally says she knows ya /Got a funny point of you / Says you got away with murder / Maybe one time maybe two,” goes the ominous opening verse. Grian Chatten’s voice booms with a subtle echo: “What good is happiness to me if I’ve to wield it carefully?” he asks later on.

Maybe it’s the video’s subdued warm colors or the grungy folktale vibe that has me feeling we’ve time-travelled back three decades. Whatever it is, the new single finds an intriguing middle ground between haunting poetics and a spooky narrative.

The Irish rockers Fontaines D.C. announced their new studio album “Skinty Fia” in early January, and it appears that their blend of contemplative post-punk has only become more specific and essential. Lead single “Jackie Down the Line” reflects just how much they’ve grown since 2019’s “Dogrel”, and with every album, vocalist Grian Chatten seems to unearth dozens of poetic truths about Ireland and identity. “Skinty Fia” will surely be another landmark entry for the band and solidify their place as leaders in the post-punk scene across the pond. 

“Jackie Down the Line” taken from the new album, out 22nd April, on Partisan Records:

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