PARQUET COURTS – ” Watching Strangers Smile ” Live On Ellen

Posted: January 12, 2022 in MUSIC
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Though Parquet Courts just released a new album, “Sympathy For Life” in October, the New York City indie tastemakers still have gas left in the tank. On Tuesday, Parquet Courts debuted a new single, “Watching Strangers Smile”, live on the Ellen Show.

The song actually came from the same recording sessions that birthed Sympathy For Life. The track’s simplistically infectious keyboard hook signals it as a clear relative of the band’s new party-inspired LP, its seventh overall. Though the instrumentation gives off a loose, friendly atmosphere, A. Savage‘s barking vocals suggest the shredded DNA of the New York outfit fans have come to know over the past decade.

“Interestingly enough, this song is the b-side to the ‘Black Widow Spider’ single, which was released only in Japan via Big Love Records,” A. Savage said in a statement. “The music was recorded during the sessions for “Sympathy for Life”, but it was left unfinished. I recorded the vocals on my own to sort of keep from going stir crazy that first lockdown summer. Apologies to my neighbours for the long afternoon spent screaming these vocals in my bedroom.”

The performance on Ellen comes ahead of an impending spring 2022 tour for Parquet Courts, set to begin on February 27th 

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