ANDY BELL – ” Flicker “

Posted: January 12, 2022 in MUSIC
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Andy Bell follows his 2020 solo debut ‘The View From Halfway Down’ with an eighteen-track double album.

‘Flicker’ hears the Ride man cover folk balladry, heady neo-psych, Byrds-referencing West Coast jangle, and baroque pop on one of his most adventurous releases of his whole career. ‘Flicker’ is the second solo album by Ride guitarist Andy Bell. The album is a follow-up, not just chronologically, to his debut ‘The View From Halfway Down’ with the seeds of some songs being sewn at the same initial sessions. Bell deals with mental health, tooling up to cope with life after events such as Brexit, a global pandemic and a post-truth world. Musically you will find baroque pop, 12-string jangle, acoustic folk and modern psychedelia.

You won’t have long to wait either, as the physical formats arrive exactly a month today on February 11th. On CD and 2LP clear vinyl on Sonic Cathedral Records.

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