KAREN PERIS – ” A Song Is Way Above The Lawn “

Posted: January 9, 2022 in MUSIC

With an atmospheric, shimmering sounds and the powerful, unearthly vocals of singer/keyboardist Karen Peris, Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s The Innocence Mission — who formed in the ’80s and released their great 12th studio album in 2020 — were compared to The Cocteau Twins when they weren’t being compared to 10,000 Maniacs. They toured with the latter but admit to the influence of the former. “The obvious thing is that we were stunned by the voice of Elizabeth Fraser, and by the sweep and atmosphere of the guitars, of the music played by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde,” Peris tells us. “It was music that created its own world and was transportive.

But also, it was as if Cocteau Twins brought about a cultural shift in some way, an embracing of music that would be impactful because of the magnitude of its beauty, and that did not need to conform to the music of the times but was its own. That was significant and inspiring to us and to our friends. I think there was a freedom in that, that could be felt by any other person who wanted to make music, in addition to the work ethic that one could hear clearly on their albums, to aspire to.”

The Innocence Mission’s sound mutated, softened and mellowed over the years, eventually finding a fan in Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde who signed them to his label, Bella Union Records.

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