PETITE LEAGUE – ” Joyrider “

Posted: January 3, 2022 in MUSIC

In “Rattler“, his previous album as Petite League, Lorenzo Gillis-Cook swapped out the signature baseball bat that has always more or less graced every previous release for a cowboy hat, hinting at the idea of constant movement, a nomadic rambler’s life marked by his ex-pat status. However, in this year’s offering, “Joyrider”, the persona changed ever so slightly and gracefully – this time, we saw Gillis-Cook hang up the hat, sit for a spell, pull out a worn guitar, and reminisce for a moment before hitting the road again. 

The majority of “Joyrider” felt heavier, more lived in than in albums past, with the vocals and instrumentals, while warm and inviting, always clawing and clutching at the deeper, darker recesses of the sentimental human heart, armed with narratives full of some of the finest writing Gillis-Cook has ever done. This is also the feeling that I feel only Petite League’s specific brand of hyper-jangly, gorgeously unquiet lo-fi can facilitate, something that seems akin to half-lit fireworks locked in a glass jar – muffled, but always threatening to shatter into a million pieces. What makes “Joyrider” wonderful is how familiar it feels, yes, but moreover, it’s music that tells us that what we should rely on, at the end of the day, is ourselves, our shortcomings, our future potentials. 

Lorenzo Gillis Cook: Vocals, guitar, bass
Henry Schoonmaker: Drums

Released January 8th, 2021

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