DES DEMONAS – ” Cure For Love ” EP

Posted: January 3, 2022 in MUSIC
Des Demonas - Cure For Love EP

On Des Demonas’ new 7-track EP, “Cure For Love” there’s a walloping drum beat driving everything. But the throbbing, pumping bass, clanging, slashing guitar and whirling, swirling Farfisa are no mere passengers in this vehicle! I’m told by the other band members Paul, Joe, Mark and Ryan that vocalist Jacky Cougar Abok is the loudest drummer they’ve ever heard.  But here he sings! In motifs. He sings out a beat, he sings minimalist melodic hooks. He half speaks half shouts his lyrical content in rapid fire that is closer to beat poetry than rap. His voice is insistent and demanding to be heard! And it is! By having it slightly submerged, the listener is forced to strain to hear the words because they won’t wanna miss something important!  

The sonic fuel of the band is a blend of post punk, punk, funk, blues, psych rock, Afro beat, even bubble gum but the noise you hear is pure Des Demonas! Titles like the “Ballad of Ike And Tina” and “Black Orpheus Blues” add to the intrigue rather than explain the content. The listener is both confronted and lured by something bigger than themselves!  Desire, intrigue, fear and exuberance are the rewards to those unable to resist! But will Your love be cured? You could look to Shakespeare, or simpler, you could buy this record and find out!

From the new EP: “Cure For Love

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