STEREOTYPED – ” The Only One “

Posted: December 30, 2021 in MUSIC
May be a black-and-white image of 2 people, guitar and text that says 'STEREOTYPED THE ROAD GRUNGEPOP RECORDS'

Because of their attitude, their sound, and the pure potential for them to break out and connect to the disaffected youth, “Nirvana meets Oasis” is the best way to describe the four teenagers who play in Stereotyped. Coming from Manchester, England, Stereotyped is set to carry on the great musical legacy brought forth from their home city that gave the world The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Fall, The Stone Roses, James, Doves, Oasis, and many more. Stereotyped is young, full of angst, and ready to rip rock and roll from the ground up and to take on the world. They have those loud distorted guitars perfectly soaring over aggressive Pop melodies, and catchy songs that you just know are gonna be great live. Stereotyped have signed a multi-album deal with Grunge Pop Records and are currently finishing up their debut album with producer Chris Hope (Echo & The Bunnymen, Travis, Pulp) at Milkshed Studios in Lancashire, England.

Lead-off single “The Only One” from their forthcoming debut drops August 27, 2021.

Just when any music form becomes an antique with a very definite history and trapped in the past then a pesky bunch of teenagers reinvent it! Grunge is now so entwined in the Nirvana narrative and the subject of books and docs that it would feel like dead form but in the hands of teenage Manc band Stereotyped (check out their Instagram)  it’s an explosive thing and their debut single “The Only One” is dynamic, intense and thrilling and released by Grungepop Records who have a whole stable of this stuff! 

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