TY SEGALL – ” The Zebulon Session “

Posted: December 23, 2021 in MUSIC
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Captured in June of 2020, prior to L.A. opening back up, Ty Segall’s absolute incendiary one-man band session at Zebulon in Frogtown. The incredibly tight 30 minute performance finds Segall working up a strange alchemy against pre-recorded backing tracks, re-contextualizing seven nuggets from his catalogue. Zebulon, a live music venue, originally started in Brooklyn in 2003, and is now in Los Angeles.

Ty Segall musician took part in the Zebulon Sessions. Produced by Zebulon LA, the series is tailor-made for the COVID-19 era. In accordance with social distancing guidelines, the Zebulon Sessions showcase artists performing at the Los Angeles venue without an audience. The video of the California rocker’s far-too-brief, 30-minute electrifying solo set premiered Thursday night.

For his empty-room show, Ty displayed his artwork and played electric guitar accompanied by pre-recorded backing tracks. He kicked off his decade-spanning set with “Finger” and closed with “Love Fuzz.” Ty’s session, filmed by Brandon Kelly, Matt Doyle, Kevin Luna, and Brian Lee Hughes, is the seventh installment in the series. Other episodes feature Oh Sees’ Dan Rincon, Osees (John Dwyer and Tomas Dolas), Charles Moothart, Nico Turner, and Sub Pop recording artist Shannon Lay.

Ty released two singles he collaborated on with Wand frontman Cory Hanson, “She’s a Beam” and “Milk Bird Flyer.” The duo recorded both songs five years ago and recently rediscovered them. They actually played “She’s a Beam” live during Ty’s 2015 solo acoustic tour. The pair donated 100% of the proceeds from the first week of track sales to Black Lives Matter LA.

Track List:
1. Finger
2. Squealer
3. Candy Sam
4. Warm Hands
5. You’re the Doctor
6. Taste
7. Fuzz

Ty has also appears on “Zebulon LA Live Recording Volume I“. A compilation of 15 live recordings, Ty’s contribution is a rendition of “Rain” he plays acoustic with Emmett Kelly and Ben Boye. Zebulon LA recorded all the songs at their Silver Lake locale. Also appearing on Zebulon’s compilation are Oh Sees. John Dwyer and his crew share a new song, “Terminal Jape,” which they recorded on March 21st, 2020. Other artists featured include The Entrance Band, William Tyler, and Terry Allen and the Pandhandle Mystery Band. You can review the track list below. The album is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Released June 25th, 2020

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