BIG THIEF – ” No Reason / Spud Infinity “

Posted: December 23, 2021 in MUSIC
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After releasing not one, but two critically acclaimed albums back in 2020, Big Thief suddenly found themselves operating on an entirely different plane. The band went from relatively unknown indie-darlings to Grammy nominated superstars playing huge venues everywhere they went, and with a lot of eyes and ears watching out for their next move. That will come in February next year with the release of their ambitious new collection, the sprawling double-album, “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You”. With a number of tracks already shared from the record, this week the band added two more in the shape of “No Reason” and “Spud Infinity”.

Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” was compiled over four different recording sessions in four different locations, and initially consisted of forty-five tracks, the band’s attempt to capture the variety of influences and sounds that inspire the various band members. Ultimately they whittled the collection down to a more manageable twenty, yet even with the brief glimpses they’ve offered, it seems to have done nothing to dampen their eclecticism. “No Reason“, recorded in the session in the Colorado Rockies, incorporates the flute playing of Richard Hardy, whom the band heard playing on a lookout tower in the distance, before approaching the 30-year music veteran to add his talents to the track, which the band describe as, “tearfully wholesome”.

The other track they’ve shared this week, “Spud Infinity”, starts like a classic country song, all fiddle and frog-like percussion before the drums add a certain driving quality, and Adrianne Lenker’s playful vocal enters, as she sings, “a dime a dozen aren’t we just, but a dozen dimes will buy a crust of garlic bread”, with the same playful-nod Esther Rose made her own on her recent album, How Many Times. What’s perhaps most impressive here is that neither track particularly sounds like anything Big Thief have done before, yet equally, they still sound exactly like Big Thief, a band who continue to explore and grow their music, without ever losing touch of the magic they always possessed. I don’t know much about a “Dragon New Warm Mountain“, whatever one of them is, but Big Thief, I definitely believe in you.

“Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” is out February 11th via 4AD Records.

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