TURNSTILE – ” Holiday “

Posted: December 19, 2021 in MUSIC
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Turnstile’s surprise four-track EP “Turnstile Love Connection” is already becoming a release that will enjoy longevity well into the fall when folded-up beanies and cuffed jeans return once again. The Baltimore-based poptimistic hardcore mainstays have finally struck the perfect balance of chant-worthy lyrics and a sparkly atmosphere that works in the pit or in your favourite pair of headphones. “Holiday,” the EP’s commanding opener, has all the elements or a perfect Turnstile track, including fuzzy guitars and frontman Brendan Yates’ energetic yelp. The infectious hook, oozing with early-’00s pop-punk nostalgia, shows that Turnstile have only improved since 2018’s “Time & Space”.

Over the summer, genre-bending hardcore band TURNSTILE surprise-released their “Turnstile Love Connection” EP, featuring four tracks and stretching only eight minutes. Featuring May’s “Mystery,” the new EP finds the Baltimore rockers further experimenting with dazzling electronic textures, ambient space and brutally catchy hooks. The addition of this beauty is not at the expense of their biting, punk energy, with the band sounding more explosive than ever on the EP’s title track, shortened down to just “T.L.C.” Striking this balance between the severe and the serene makes the “Turnstile Love Connection” EP feel alive and invigorating. 

The compressed, febrile sound of 80s punk rock is resurrected for this terrifically entertaining record, where the jams are not just kicked out but also sent off the nearest cliff. The monstrous chug of cock-rock rhythm guitar underpins lead lines made for whipping a mane of hair around to, and Brendan Yates’s vocals have something of Perry Farrell’s yelled pronouncements to them. But there’s a dream-pop softness, too – not least in two songs with Blood Orange guesting – that adds emotional range. 


The Band: Vocals: Brendan Yates Bass: Franz Lyons Guitar: Brady Ebert Drums: Daniel Fang Guitar: Pat McCrory

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