SEI STILL – ” Me Persigue “

Posted: December 14, 2021 in MUSIC

Following on from their new album ‘El Refugio’ which was released last month, Mexican post-punk/krautrock group Sei Still are back already with an incoming Fuzz Club Session LP which is due out January 21st 2022

Having upped sticks from Mexico City to Berlin, the session was recorded live at Berlin’s Monoton Studio (which is also where they recorded the new album) back in October 2020 and is comprised of five tracks from the newly-released ‘El Refugio’ LP.

Alongside the video for ‘Me Persigue’ which was released last week, the session also features such album tracks as ‘Soldados Caidos’, ‘Hombre Animal’, ‘Las Puertas De La Noche’ and ‘Solsticiol’

The session is released on 180g black and white vinyl – the latter is exclusive to the Fuzz Club store. 

Mexican post-punk/krautrock band Sei Still perform ‘Me Perisgue’ as part of their incoming Fuzz Club Session LP, due out January 21st 2022.

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