CLAIRE CRONIN – ” Bloodless “

Posted: December 13, 2021 in MUSIC

Los-Angeles-based singer/songwriter Claire Cronin is back with her latest album, “Bloodless”. The record follows after her 2019 record of spectral indie folk, Big Dread Moon, and her 2020 “horror memoir” “Blue Light of the Screen“. Once again pulling from supernatural themes, eerie mysticism, and atmospheric Americana, Cronin’s latest record was written and recorded under lockdown home with Ezra Buchla (Cronin’s husband and violist). Cronin also went to Deerhoof’s John Dieterich for mixing, collaborating again after her 2016 album “Came Down a Storm”.

Cronin has already shared “Bloodless” and “No Forcefield,” the first singles from the record, and today she’s back with “Feel This,” .

“Feel This” is another piece of stripped-back folk, with Buchla’s synths and viola offering the only accompaniment to Cronin’s guitar and ethereal vocals. Buchla gently builds a swirling layered atmosphere while Cronin is the song’s haunting focal point. Together they create a hypnotic reverie, a dense atmosphere that Cronin winds through as a spectral presence. Lyrically, Cronin dreams of inhabiting a similarly transcendent form, singing “I don’t want to be in my body / What I want is to be beyond me / Floating like God.”

Claire Cronin: vocals & guitar on all songs, claps (6)

Ezra Buchla: viola (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8), synth (1, 2, 3, 5), baritone guitar (2, 6, 7), vocals (3), drum (1)

John Dieterich: synth (6, 7, 9), claps (1)

Owen Ashworth: synth (5)

All songs by Claire Cronin (BMI)

Watch for Bloodless, out November 12th via Orindal Records.

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