ANOTHER MICHAEL – ” New Music and Big Pop ” Best Albums Of 2021

Posted: December 12, 2021 in MUSIC

It’s shocking that this is Another Micheal’s first LP. Considering the many beautiful EPs that the band has released over the years, the band has only built on that on “New Music and Big Pop“. Reflecting on the small moments of day-to-day life, Another Micheal has created an album that feels familiar and accessible. Letting the instruments speak for themselves, the stellar arrangements allow for room to breathe between the notes. The band has created something both cohesive and dynamic, a great debut LP for a strong song writing team. It’s beautifully crafted, earnest, and has moved me to tears simply from the angelic harmonies that braid themselves into a few songs.

This is an album that you listen to with the lyrics in front of you, reliving tiny moments that songwriter Michael Doherty has somehow pulled from your own memories and made them clearer and brighter with his words.

It is moving, majestic, and timeless. “New Music” by Another Michael from the 7″ / 2 song digital single ‘New Music’ out now via Run For Cover Records.

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