YOUTH LAGOON – ” The Year of Hibernation ” 10th Anniversary Edition

Posted: December 10, 2021 in MUSIC
Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation: 10th Anniversary Edition [LP]

Fat Possum Records celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Youth Lagoon’s debut album, “The Year of Hibernation” with a deluxe double vinyl edition which includes three bonus tracks on Side D – “Bobby”, “Ghost to Me,” and a live cover of John Denver’s “Goodbye Again” recorded in 2011. Upon it’s release in 2011, “The Year of Hibernation” was received to widespread critical acclaim, earning Best New Music from Pitchfork, which depicted the album as “compulsively listenable music that explodes at just the right moments”; while NPR described the songs as, “murmurs that bloom into powerful, otherworldly crescendos”. Now, a decade later, “The Year of Hibernation” continues to earn it’s initial praise.

The deluxe vinyl features artwork designed by Collin Fletcher whose practice is based on experimentation and collaboration with musicians and artists across a variety of fields.

‘The Year of Hibernation’ was the first of three albums Powers released under the Youth Lagoon moniker, along with 2013’s ‘Wondrous Bughouse’ and 2015’s ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’. “It is a space I no longer inhabit, nor want to inhabit. Youth Lagoon is complete. I’ve reached the top of a mountain, only to then be able to see a much larger one I want to ascend,” Powers wrote. “There is so much left to say, but it will not be through Youth Lagoon.”

Powers announced the end of Youth Lagoon in 2016, stating that “there is nothing left to say through Youth Lagoon. It will exist no more”. Two years later, the artist released the first album under his own name, ‘Mulberry Violence’. He followed up with his 2020 album, ‘Capricorn’.

Youth Lagoon's Trevor Powers

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