HOME IS WHERE –  ” I Became Birds “

Posted: December 10, 2021 in MUSIC

“I feel all our songs, consciously or not, are about alienation.” These are the words of Brandon MacDonald, vocalist and lyricist for Home Is Where. And they ring true– despite the amiable, palpable chemistry between the musicians, and the folksy, organic warmth at the centre of their songs, the Palm Coast, Florida act perform a dizzying tightrope act, dancing between intimate melodies and gently progressive song writing flourishes with a dexterity that belies their sonic base of aggressive, throat-shredding emotive hardcore. The end result is the sound of a band beleaguered by chronic anxiety and acutely aware of their atomization under late capitalism; a glum cloud hangs over even the least subdued moments of vibrancy throughout their milieu. And yet, despite the disaffection, something about Home Is Where demands communality, demands engagement, demands acknowledgment. Originally forming in 2017, Home Is Where at first consisted of MacDonald— a multi-instrumentalist who also contributes saw and harmonica– as well as guitarist Trace George and drummer Joe Gardella. It was this line-up of the band that initially played their first show without any music actually written; an audience member who was spontaneously chosen to play bass, Connor O’Brien, gelled so perfectly with the rest of the group that he was immediately asked to join permanently, an offer he enthusiastically accepted.

Brandon MacDonald is one of the more compelling voices to emerge this year no matter how you define voice, be it the blunt nasal singing that inevitably drew Jeff Mangum comparisons, a facility for punctuating heady lyrics with bracingly simple hooks (“Hey Samantha!”), or a creative vision that hybridizes and synthesizes umpteen subgenres from the emo and indie rock realm into startlingly original and unpredictable music. On debut album I Became Birds, MacDonald and her Home Is Where bandmates cram more wild ideas into 19 minutes than most bands muster in a decade.

Released March 5th, 2021 all music written by home is where / all lyrics written by Brandon MacDonald.

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