BEACH BUNNY – ” Blame Game ” EP Best Of 2021

Posted: December 8, 2021 in MUSIC

Beach Bunny traffic in some well-travelled territory (driving ’90s alt-rock) but they do it so, so well. They have a new album on the horizon, and this year’s thoroughly enjoyable Blame Game EP suggests that the young Chicago band’s song writing is only becoming sharper and more precise as they age. The chiming “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” and the shimmering, prickly “Love Sick” are hooky and winsome. Lili Trifilio has a knack for lyrics that are painfully specific. Packaged in songs that are as universally likable as this, it’s no wonder that Beach Bunny took off as quickly as they did.

Hard to pick a favourite every song is amazing! The lyrics are intelligent and fit the music tightly. After hearing this I quickly had to devour everything else they have recorded to this point which was equally great!,  Beach Bunny is a Chicago act you don’t want to miss.

Released January 15th, 2021

Mom+Pop Records

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