KELLY LEE OWENS – ” Inner Song “

Posted: December 4, 2021 in MUSIC

Kelly Lee Owens is well known for her extraordinary avant-garde approach to electronica, and on new album ‘Inner Song’ she does not disappoint. Exploring causes of personal pain and discovering resolution through an appreciation for natural beauty, the revealing record resonates with the listener and becomes a shared absolving of trauma.

Carefully crafted last winter, Owens spent a month hidden away in a studio to write and record what would become her second album with producer James Greenwood. The pair channelled the sound of freeform jazz which helped find both the direction of the record, and the name.

“I’m so grateful for him and his perspectives—he’s always thinking outside of the box. Those two words really reflect what it felt like to make this record. I did a lot of inner work in the past few years, and this is a true reflection of that.”

Kelly Lee Owens had carved out a distinctive style — a mix of Berlin techno, trip hop, ambient textures and elements from her shoegazer past — by the time of her 2017 debut album. With “Inner Song“, she refines that sound while expanding its horizons. It’s a confident album that finds her growing as a musician but also as a singer. Look no further than single “On,” which starts as a vulnerable ballad about moving past a bad relationship until the zippy synth hook eventually pulls the song out of the doldrums and into joyous, danceable freedom. The album swings between ethereal mood pieces and serious club music, with wonderful side trips to Wales (the woozy, psychedelic “The Corner of My Sky” with John Cale) and an instrumental cover of Radiohead’s “Arpeggi,” all with KLO’s signature pinging synth leads and gossamer voice holding it together like delicate, silken web.

‘Inner Song’ is released via Smalltown Supersound.

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