KYLE MORTON – ” Silence Of The Organs “

Posted: November 28, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and indoor

I’ve released a new solo song for the occasion and it’s a spooky one. “Silence of the Organs” was written and recorded in December 2020, during the most surreal holiday season of my lifetime; isolated from most of our friends and family for fear of accidentally killing each other. The song is a four-parter. I wrote the lyrics stream-of-consciousness style, combining some autobiography of my own experience as a sick person with some observations on how the world around me seemed to be reacting to the pandemic. I was really into making tape loops at the time – that’s the creepy ambient bed you can hear in the background. It’s a bit more on the experimental side of the Typhoon/Kyle Morton musical continuum, but you can still tap your foot to it. This song was originally released as part of the DePaul Humanties Center’s “Sickness and Solitude” project and owes a deep debt of gratitude to H. Peter Steeves and the DHC. Available only on Bandcamp for the time being. As always, thanks for listening. Yrs, Kyle

Released October 29th, 2021
Written, recorded and performed by Kyle Morton

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