SPIRIT WAS – ” Heaven’s Just a Cloud “

Posted: November 23, 2021 in MUSIC
May be a black-and-white image of one or more people, people playing musical instruments, people standing, guitar and indoor

Heaven’s Just a Cloud“, the new Spirit Was album and solo project from LVL UP’s Nick Corbo, feels like a dream that’s undeniably sinister but oddly warm nonetheless. It’s peppered with doomy folk, ambient clamour and even a brief flash of black metal, but it has a tender charm thanks to Corbo’s slow-crawling vocals and cavernous guitar tones. The album’s melodic rock is surprisingly intimate despite its sombre, mythical lyricism and wide array of textures. Corbo’s lyrics suggest an inner turmoil and possess a poetic escapism—throughout his search for rejuvenation and deeper abstract truths, there are frequent references to oblivion, otherworldly beings and the elements. Just like the album as a whole, each of these types of imagery are capable of sparking both fear and wonder—images like shadows, spirits and gardens are as old as time and contain infinite meanings.

Boasting both absorbing sonic tones and transportive catharsis, it’s a particularly great album to listen to on headphones from the comfort of one’s own space. If you like twisty or darkly beautiful songcraft, I can’t imagine not falling under this LP’s spell.

The cover of “Heaven’s Just a Cloud”, Nick Corbo’s full-length debut under the name Spirit Was, features an illustration of laundry drying on a line. But Corbo, a former member of the New York-based bands LVL UP and Crying, uses a crosshatching technique to contrast the bucolic scene with dense, textured shadows. “Heaven’s Just a Cloud” achieves a similar effect: Softness coexists with dark swatches of droning noise that channels Mount Eerie at its most black metal. It’s oblivion at its most intricate. 

Heaven’s Just a Cloud on Danger Collective Records Released on: 2021-10-22

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