MARISSA NADLER – ” The Path Of The Clouds “

Posted: November 14, 2021 in MUSIC
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Now that the summer seems to have finally been driven away, it is time for the dark autumn soundtracks, for which Marissa Nadler immediately sets the bar particularly high with the beautiful “The Path Of The Clouds
Marissa Nadler has been building a special and very beautiful oeuvre for 17 years now. I sometimes miss an album by the American musician, but fortunately I did not miss the release this week “The Path Of The Clouds”. Also on her new album Marissa Nadler draws for atmospheric and dreamy but also some dark sounds, for beautiful vocals and for a unique and often somewhat dark atmosphere that comes back in the equally dark stories. Compared to many of her previous albums, “The Path Of The Clouds” features a fuller and more melodic sound, which further enhances the power of the American musician’s songs. The umpteenth beautiful album by Marissa Nadler and perhaps her best.

Since her great debut album “Ballads Of Living And Dying“, which to my surprise is already 17 years old, I have been following the career of the American musician Marissa Nadler.

I have not always done that intensively, because although I have quite a few albums by the musician from Nashville in the closet, there are now also a lot missing.

In recent years I have certainly not been paying attention, because after the excellent Strangers from 2016, I have not noticed “Bury Your Name” from the same year, “For My Crimes” from 2018, “Instead Of Dreaming” from 2021 and “the Droneflower” released in 2019 and made together with rock musician Stephen Brodsky. The last album is not entirely dedicated to me, but all other albums certainly deserved a place on this BLOG with For My Crimes as a provisional favourite.
Fortunately, Marissa Nadler is also popping up this week with a new album, The Path Of The Clouds. The music of the American musician was originally mainly labelled indie folk and folk-noir, but in recent years Marissa Nadler has shifted towards indie rock.
The Path Of The Clouds” can work in all three of these genres and, like almost all other albums by the American musician, is a pretty dark or even dark album with a lot of influences from the ambient this time. The album also sounds dreamy at the same time, which creates a unique atmosphere.
Marissa Nadler has a beautiful voice, which could work well in sweet and whisper-soft folk songs, but somehow her music always has something dark. It is no different on “The Path Of The Clouds“, which despite the beautiful sounds and the beautiful voice of Marissa Nadler often sounds a bit spooky. It sometimes gives chills, but the special atmosphere on her albums is also the strength of the American musician.

The Path Of The Clouds” also does beautifully on rainy, dark and chilly evenings, although I keep the curtains closed and the door locked just to be sure. The music of Marissa Nadler was extremely sober in the past, but in recent years her music sounds just a bit fuller, which is partly the result of the collaboration with other musicians.
On The Path Of The Clouds, Mary Lattimore, Amber Webber (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust), Jesse Chandler (Mercury Rev), Emma Ruth Rundle and Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins, Lost Horizons) contribute to the music of Marissa Nadler, which still sounds subdued, but less Spartan and is just as easily provided with fairytale harp sounds as with gritty guitars.
The somewhat fuller and certainly more melodic sound on the new album has fortunately not been at the expense of the special atmosphere that Marissa Nadler creates on her albums and the vocals of the American musician are also wonderful.

On “The Path Of The Clouds”, Marissa Nadler draws for a series of beautiful songs and, as usual, for a number of dark stories such as the one about the canoe trip of the freshly married Glen and Bessie Hyde, of whom only one eventually returned and the story of the mysterious plane hijacker D.B. Cooper, who jumped out of the plane with his ransom and a parachute and disappeared from the face of the earth.
The bar has been set high for 17 years within the oeuvre of Marissa Nadler, but “The Path Of The Clouds “could just be her best album so far and every time I listen to the album it is even more beautiful, more urgent and more enchanting.


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