CHIME SCHOOL – ” Chime School “

Posted: November 9, 2021 in MUSIC

When an indie band name themselves Chime School, it’s almost like putting a “RIYL” sticker on your album cover. You know what you’re going to get and this San Francisco group don’t disappoint in that respect with their full-length debut. Andy Pastalaniec knows exactly what he wants — which is to sound like a British indie band from the late-’80s or early-’90s — and he knows how to get it. We’re talking 12-string Rickenbackers with just enough chorus effect on them to make them sparkle like a prism filter on a camera. Those guitars are then layered with more guitars, for a ringing sound that will take you back to 1990 when The La’s and The Stone Roses unleashed a massive wave of jangly bands in stripey shirts who made it to the cover of the NME (while Felt’s Lawrence stood by and muttered “I did it first”).

Thankfully, Pastalaniec isn’t just a student of the sound, but also a terrific songwriter and producer in his own right. “Chime School” is packed with memorable melodies, rainbow harmonies, and unlodgeable hooks. “Taking Time to Tell You,” “Dead Saturday” and “Gone Too Fast” are great pop songs that also remind you how amazing guitars like this can sound.

Sparkling debut album from San Francisco’s Andy Pastalaniec recalls The Stone Roses, The La’s, and Felt

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