CRAKE – ” Lambs Tail “

Posted: November 7, 2021 in MUSIC
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Crake, are a self-described, “contemplative alt-folk quartet”, from Leeds, The band garnered attention both after heading out on an EU tour with Big Thief, as well as sharing a 7″ single via the ever-excellent Saddle Creek label. This week the band have announced a new partnership with Fika Recordings, as well as sharing the first fruits of that relationship, in the shape of their new single, “Lamb’s Tail”.

A set supporting Buck Meek in their native Brudenell Social Club led to the four-piece supporting Big Thief across the UK and the EU in 2019 at Meek’s behest. Last August, this culminated in a one off 7” with Big Thief’s former label, Saddle Creek. Now heralding a new relationship with Fika Recordings, ‘Lamb’s Tail’ is the first material since from the band made up of Rowan Sandle, Russel Searle, Rob Slater and Sarah Statham.

Lamb’s Tail” is a song that seems to exist in a place of questioning, as vocalist Rowan Sandle explains, “when I was a kid and I was worried or anxious, I would leave it to the fates to tell me the outcome of whatever issue I was currently stuck on. I would ask my question to the ether and make up some rule to reveal to me my answer“. It’s a thought that came back to Rowan recently as she dealt with altogether more grown-up problems, both the insecurity of growing older while wanting children yet not knowing when, and the difficult process of learning to deal with grief. Here those adult themes are contrasted with the joys of forgetting about those things, embracing the simplicity of childhood rituals or the joy of meeting a cat, that her bandmate swore he previously taught to play the drums. If thematically this is a song of doubt, there’s also something questioning about the music, from the fabulous percussion that seems to gently lurch, pushing with one hand and pulling back with the other, to the meandering guitars, that seem almost absent-minded, as if guided by the heart more than the head.

At the centre of it all, as ever with Crake, is Rowan’s voice, an idiosyncratic calling card, her gently cracking voice delivering enigmatic imagery of nature and distraction, “it all dies, that ain’t nothing new, can we talk about pussy willow coming through? The cat who looks just like that kid you once knew, can we talk about anything to lighten up the mood?” As you get older it’s often tempting to wonder if you’ve already heard everything you’re going to love, to question whether there’s anything new or exciting out there left to discover. Then along comes a band like Crake and you realise just how naïve that thought truly is, you have to believe the best is always yet to come, you’ll only ever be proven wrong if you don’t.

Lamb’s Tail” is out now via Fika Recordings.

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