JENNY LEWIS – ” Puppy And A Truck “

Posted: November 5, 2021 in MUSIC
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Since the early Rilo Kiley days, Jenny Lewis has held very little back. “Puppy And A Truck” leaves a few details fuzzy; when Lewis sings that she was “infatuated with an older man,” for instance, we just have to gossip amongst ourselves about whether she’s talking about Bill Murray. For the most part, though, Lewis gets almost uncomfortably real on the song, working with country producer Dave Cobb to mine her own life for hard-luck lessons. She finds one, too: “If you feel like giving up, shut up. Get a puppy and a truck.”

On “Puppy And A Truck,” Lewis sings about exes who have disappointed her and roots that she hasn’t put down. She’s got no kids, no roots, no significant other. When it comes to dogs, she’s got a lot of needs: “I need a dog that’s hypoallergenic/ In the poodle milieu and photogenic/ Don’t shed, don’t bark, and can play in the band.” Apparently, though, she’s found one, and that’s the happy ending. The next time Jenny Lewis comes through town, I can’t wait to see what instrument the dog plays.

Jenny Lewis kicks off “Puppy and a Truck” with a realistic view of her life, complete with unconditional love from her dog and a pedal steel guitar. As most of her hardcore or even mediumcore fans know, Lewis got a cockapoo back in February, naming her Bobby Rhubarb, after Bob Dylan. She even has an Instagram account devoted to the pup, with captions quoting Dylan songs as recent as “Black Rider” and as early as “Spanish Is the Loving Tongue.” With Bobby Rhubarb as her muse, she encourages us to embrace the finer things in life on “Puppy and a Truck” — specifically, the finer things that fall into the categories of animal and/or vehicle. “If you feel like giving up, shut up,” she sings. “Get a puppy and a truck.”

Lewis has reflected on her age before — particularly on “Wasted Youth” from her 2019 solo album On the Line — but she’s never sounded this candid and whimsical. And with the dawn of a new presidency and an ongoing global pandemic, she needs some time to process. “So I’m 44 in 2020, and thank god I saved up some money,” she sings. “Time to ruminate, like, what the fuck was that?”

Released on: 2021-11-03

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