OLA’s KOOL KITCHEN – Radio Show Ep 454

Posted: October 31, 2021 in MUSIC
Ola's Kool Kitchen 454


The ShivasBnnyLushingsMildred MaudeHoorsees and more.

#indie#indie rock#alternative rock#post-punk#dream pop

This podcast is unpaid & survives on donations. You can donate via paypal https://www.stephenmbland.com/olas-kool-kitchen or buy merch https://bit.ly/3ePRH6n I’m a DJ on KCLA 99.3FM In LA, 107.5 Andhow.FM in New Zealand, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, Bombshell Radio, Pop Radio UK, Radio Wigwam, Rock XS Radio. Radio Candy Radio and Radio Lantau you can hear more shows here https://hearthis.at/olaskoolkitchen/
Show 454
1. The Shivas-If I Could Choose
2. Bnny-August
3. Lushings-Rough Me Up
4. Mildred Maude-Glen Play Moses
5. Hoorsees-Videogames
6. Lou Cyphers-Vacation
7. Smoon-Because of U (Feat Kimmy Harz)
8. Wallace Welsh-Never Gonna Kiss Her
9. Talker-Sad Chick-single-self release
10. Baths-The Stones-Pop Music False B Sides II-Basement’s Basement
11. The Crystals- Frankenstein Twist-Twist Uptown- Philles PHLP 4000
12. The Kac -Ties – Mr. Werewolf-single- Shelley
13. Low-All Night-Hey What-Sub Pop

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