VEPS – ” Open The Door ” EP

Posted: October 29, 2021 in MUSIC

Let us introduce you to Oslo’s next big export – VEPS, who have just released their nineties fueled track ‘Ecstasy’ – which is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Open The Door’. VEPS are four 17 year old best friends from from Oslo, Norway, that include Laura (guitar), June (bass), Maja (drums) and Helena (keys/piano) who have known each other since elementary school. The girls started playing together in middle school at the age of 14.

Helena, June and Maja knew each other since elementary school, and met Laura when they started middle school. In middle school we were making a short film together, and it was brought up that Laura and Helena was starting a band, but didn’t have drums or bass. June and Maja offered to join in (with limited experience on their designated instruments, June originally a guitarist and Maja who had never touched a drum set) Veps was born!.

The song “Ecstasy” is essentially about commitment issues and jealousy. It’s a story about a guy with commitment issues and a girl who wants him for herself. However, people can interpret it however they like. 

The name VEPS means Wasp in Norwegian, and came about in a slightly cosmic and random way. “One Day while in our rehearsal room, we were discussing what our band name should be when all of a sudden a wasp came flying through the window, and we just looked at each other and yelled “VEPS”.

on Kanine Records

Released September 3rd, 2021

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