GEESE – ” Projector  ” Best Albums Of 2021

Posted: October 29, 2021 in MUSIC
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It’s been a minute since there’s been a New York band has hyped as Geese, who were the subject of a label bidding war before they graduated high school. It’s part of a compelling story that includes how they recorded and produced their debut album, “Projector,” on their own at their home studio in the hours after school and before a hard 10 PM curfew instituted by their parents. Once signed to Partisan (and PIAS in the UK), the album was handed over to the very talented Dan Carey (Squid, Kae Tempest, Hot Chip) for mixing and mastering. It’s a slick sounding record that doesn’t sound like it was made in a basement. On “Projector”, Geese distill the last 50 years of New York rock, from Television and Talking Heads to The Strokes and Interpol.

While they haven’t quite figured out their own sound just yet, the album was clearly made by five very talented musicians who know how to construct a song. There’s a lot of The Strokes here from the guitar interplay to the attitude in singer/songwriter Cameron Winter’s vocals, and the ’00s in general seem like a strong influence. Geese would’ve fit comfortably on a bill between Foals and Tom Vek in 2006. While “Projector” might not live up to the hype that comes with it, impressive, swaggering songs like “Low Era” hold a lot of promise for a band whose members have yet to hit their 20s.

Geese is a band that begins and ends in Brooklyn, as a project between friends to build a home studio out of a basement. Their songs are born from the same ambition: make music by any means necessary. They began recording together with sneakers as mic stands and blankets draped over the amps, all within the afternoon following a school day, up until they ran the risk of noise complaints. Recently, they signed a record deal, so they are thinking about moving on from sneaker-laden mics and blanketed amps, but their musical ethos has not changed a bit. Curiously alien, yet strangely familiar, the band’s debut album, “Projector“, is a product of five teenagers whose love of music touches every part of their lives: their restless anxiety about their futures, and their pent-up frustration with their present-a perspective all too familiar in today’s uncertain world.

Projector” will be released digitally on October 29 and physically on December 3rd, 2021 on Partisan Records and Play It Again Sam

Released October 29th, 2021

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