LOST HORIZONS – ” Florida “

Posted: October 19, 2021 in MUSIC
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Lost Horizons, the dream-pop project from Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde and Richie Thomas of Dif Juz, have this week shared a new video for standalone single “Florida.” It features vocals from KookieLou, otherwise known as Lily Wolter from Penelope Isles.

It was about a year ago when we first learned of the duo, as they teamed with Porridge Radio’s Dana Margolin for a rumbling tune of retrospection that set the tone for February’s sophomore album In Quiet Moments, released via Raymonde’s label Bella Union. Here on “Florida,” the collaborators weave an atmospheric sound that floats across grace and sincerity.

Here’s what Wolter has to say about it: “Like most videos my brother Jack [Wolter, also of Penelope Isles] and I make, this one was most certainly trial and error. A lot of the time we find ourselves surrounded in a jungle of paints, flowers, glitter, string, lava lamps and makeshift green screens and say, ‘what have we gotten ourselves into?’ Despite the hours of drawings and the former attempts to make something that suited the trance-like, flowing, softness of the song, we got there in the end!”

She adds: “The lyrics are about a time I spent on tour in America a few years back. We wanted to show an abstract journey overlooking all sorts of weird and wonderful views. I’ve always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon, but I reckon it would be pretty damn scary. Big thanks to our mum for assisting with the paper-mâché balloons, to our dear friend Josh for the helping hand, and to Lost Horizons for wanting me to sing on their music, I’m once again, truly honoured.” 

“Florida” by Lost Horizons is out now on Bella Union Records.

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