PARQUET COURTS – ” Sympathy For Life “

Posted: October 18, 2021 in MUSIC
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Parquet Courts will host an early celebration of the band’s new album, “Sympathy For Life”, with the premiere of the “Feel Free” visualizer on Wednesday. The project will feature special guest and NBA legend Bill Walton ahead of the album’s release on Friday via Rough Trade Records.

Following the ecstatic post-punk of the excellent ‘Wide Awake!’ was not going to be an easy task, but the New York outfit have smashed expectations once again by upping the variety of influences, creating tracks which would have suited the esoteric dancefloors of 80s NYC. Afrobeat, punk-funk, alternative dance, and 60s garage rock creep into the mix here, supporting their usual wry and abstract storytelling nicely.

In a teaser for the “Feel Free – Sympathy For Life, Visualized” project shared on Monday, the band leans hard on the improvisational approach that birthed its seventh studio album. The opening shot of the clip prominently displays a photo of Jerry Garcia. Beyond that, fans are dropped straight into the lengthy studio jams that co-frontman Austin Brown said Parquet Courts chopped up, sampled, and spliced together to create the cohesive songs found on “Sympathy For Life“.

“Most of the songs were created by taking long improvisations and molding them through our own editing,” Brown said in the initial album announcement. “The biggest asset we have as artists is the band. After ten years together, our greatest instrument is each other. The purest expression of Parquet Courts is when we are improvising.”

Parquet Courts have shared details of a new album, A Sympathy For Life, and previewed it with the lead single, “Plant Life”

“Plant Life”, comes in the form of an extended mix that would lend itself perfectly to any dance party. Built around a simple backbeat, the song carries on past the 10-minute mark as the trance-like structure continues effortlessly like a never-ending dream.

“’Plant Life’ the song is my story of rediscovering my passion for music through New York City dance floors,” singer/guitarist Austin Brown said in a statement. “It’s a distillation from a 40 plus minute improvisation prompted by producer Rodaidh McDonald, and every way we’ve sliced it up illustrates a different mood of the same perspective of ecstasy and aspiration to not only grow, but form roots outside of our own barriers.”

Who better to help further bolster that jam-friendly approach than Bill Walton, a man whose name carries just as much weight in the world of basketball as it does in that of the Grateful Dead. Also on hand for the premiere is comedian Joe Pera, host of Adult Swim‘s Joe Pera “Talks To You”.

Check out the teaser for Parquet Courts’ Feel Free – “Sympathy For Life”,

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