VANISHING TWIN – ” Ookii Gekkou “

Posted: October 17, 2021 in MUSIC

London based groove experimentalists return lighter and funkier, with a more convivial and danceable atmosphere, on their third album

I described Vanishing Twin‘s excellent 2019 album “Age of Immunology” (there was a prophetic title) as “like being washed ashore on an inviting but mysterious tropical island where the rules of time and space do not apply.” The band are still on that isle, but new album “Ookii Gekkou” emerges from the heart of the rainforest and into the wondrous Big Moonlight (the album title is Japanese translation of that). There are still plenty of fantastical creatures (like the cover art’s giant Eye Monster) and sights to be seen and heard, but if Age of Immunology was an invitation, this is the party.

Ookii Gekkou” opens with “Big Moonlight Ookii Gekkou,” which lands somewhere between Brubeck’s Take Five and Stereolab’s Dots and Loops and is a perfect addition to your playlist. From there the joint really starts jumping, with bassist Susumu Mukai laying down serious grooves all over the places. The featherlight “Phase One Million” dabbles in Afrobeat by way of Esquivel, and “Light Vessel” treks along a gorgeous coastline with a vocoder in tow. Elsewhere, they put Chaucer’s words to ethereal backing on “Wider Than Itself,” which features Sterelolab’s Laetitia Sadier on guitar, and they indulge their komische side on the delightful 10-minute freakout “Zuum / The Organism” that makes great use of vibraphone.

The album ends with its most effervescent track, appropriately titled “The Lift.” Sporting a majorly funky rhythm section and futuristic synths providing an alien hook, Vanishing Twin dance free on the breeze they sing “High and low pressure / Hustling together / I am a dizzy wind,” inviting all of us to float along with them.

Released October 15th, 2021

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