ROBIN GUTHRIE –  ” Mockingbird Love “

Posted: October 17, 2021 in MUSIC

The former Cocteau Twins guitarist’s shimmering powers are still in full effect in the first of what he says are few new records due in the coming months, The term “shoegaze” may have been coined in reference to ’90s band Moose, but there’s a good argument that Robin Guthrie helped actually invent the genre. His shimmering, delay-and-chorus-soaked guitar style is as key to Cocteau Twins‘ sound as Elizabeth Fraser’s angelic vocals, and we wouldn’t have groups like Slowdive, Lush, Moose and Ride without it. As with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, countless guitarists over the last 40 years have tried to mimic Guthrie, but he remains a peerless original 24 years after the Cocteaus broke up.

Look no further than the gorgeous work on this new EP, one of a few he has planned for the coming months via his own Soleil Après Minuit label. While you may long for vocals on these four tracks, there is no denying the sheer beauty he’s still more than capable of.

Released October 15th, 2021

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