BERT DEIVERT – ” I Ain’t Leavin’ “

Posted: October 17, 2021 in MUSIC
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A terrific new album “I Ain’t Leavin’” from storyteller singer songwriter Bert Deivert This is his 14th album in 48 years of being a professional musician. With everyday stories of life with folk, blues, and even some jazz influences. Originally from New Hampshire in the US, but have lived in Sweden now for 47 years and played in 25 countries.  . The new album is getting radio play right now in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the US.

This year Bert also appeared playing on many tracks on Peter Case’s “The Midnight Broadcast” album which came out in March 2021.  Although mostly known for his blues mandolin work in recent years, Bert has been writing songs for more than 50 years and has released some excellent albums mainly original songs , solo and including his work with bluesman Eric Bibb.

Some of the subjects of these songs include: the murder of his policeman grandfather in Boston in 1930; hitchhiking to Montreal from his home in New Hampshire to see if he could seek asylum there if drafted to go to Vietnam; the joys of singing the country blues songs of Yank Rachell and Sleepy John Estes; the humorous trials and tribulations of a woman that doesn’t love all his vintage instruments; and a noisy and sleepless trip on the Orient Express to Istanbul while traveling to Afghanistan in 1976. 

I Heard the Dark Roads Call” – the fear of war in Vietnam and being drafted in 1969, This song by Bert Deivert is about a trip to Canada before the lottery for the Vietnam war draft was held in December 1969. All previous student deferments were cancelled and the lottery would be done for all eligible men from the ages of 18-26 years old. It was the first time a lottery system had been used to select men for military service since 1942. He hitchhiked from his home in Derry, New Hampshire in the summer of 1969 to Montreal to check out the possibilities of moving there and seeking asylum if drafted. The song tells of his feelings and what happened. It is a document of that time of a young man at the age of 18 and his feelings about what was going on in the world around him.

This next song from my album “I Ain’t Leavin” about my maternal grandfather’s murder in the line of duty in 1930. James J. Troy was a detective on the police force in Boston. The photos and articles were from newspapers and private sources from our family.

“I Ain’t Leavin” by Bert Deivert features 10 songs, 41 minutes long – all the songs, except for one traditional, are written by Bert Deivert. 

Released in August 2021 on his own label, Hard Danger Records, Sweden,

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