VARIOUS ARTISTS – ” 10 Years of Double Double Whammy “

Posted: October 13, 2021 in MUSIC

In honour of the label’s 10th anniversary, Double Double Whammy has announced a compilation with 14 DDW artists covering their labelmates. The Brooklyn indie label Double Double Whammy celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and in honour of that, the label is releasing a compilation with 14 current and former DDW artists covering their labelmates. It’s called 10 Years of Double Double Whammy and it comes out on November 19th. The first two singles are Frankie Cosmos and Lomelda covering each other. Both sound great, as you can hear for yourself below.

The comp also features Mirah, Great Grandpa, Told Slant (ft. Florist), The Goodbye Party, Long Beard, Hovvdy, Gemma, 2nd Grade, label founder Mike Caridi’s project The Glow, and more.

Double Double Whammy was launched in 2011 by LVL UP members Mike Caridi and Dave Benton, the latter of whom parted ways with the label in 2016. Not long after that, DDW entered into a partnership with Polyvinyl Records, who “[offer] the resources of a well-respected and established label, while Double Double Whammy retained complete control of the label.” In 2018, Mallory Hawkins joined the label’s staff.

From the Double Double Whammy 10th Anniversary Cover Compilation, available everywhere November 12th, 2021.

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