MINUS THE BEAR – ” Farewell “

Posted: October 12, 2021 in MUSIC
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Minus the Bear will release the “Farewell” live LP, later this month on October 29th via Suicide Squeeze Records. The album features previously unreleased live versions of fan favourites and deep cuts from throughout the band’s 17 year history, recorded at various dates along their 2018 farewell tour. The band have already shared one track from “Farewell“, a recording of “Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse” that Brooklyn Vegan writes “reminds you that Minus The Bear remained a powerful live band until the very end.” In anticipation of the upcoming release date, today they’re sharing a recording of “Lemurs, Man, Lemurs” from that aforementioned final run. The recording is one of 26 songs found on “Farewell”, which will be available as a 3xLP and on digital formats.

Lemurs” was the first song we ever worked on—I remember writing those riffs in one of my shitty apartments on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Impossible to imagine it was the start of an amazing 18 year journey.” – David Knudson

When Minus the Bear played their debut show in Seattle back in September 2001, there was an immediate hype surrounding the band. The individual members had already established themselves on a national level with earlier music projects, and their debut EP This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic was already available at the merch table. Within the first few measures of their distinctive brand of nimble and dexterous indie rock, it was obvious to the audience that the insider buzz was well deserved. Twenty years later, we’re treated to “Farewell”—a 3xLP live album spanning their seventeen-year run and a sonic goodbye note to their fervent fanbase. Listening to “Farewell”, the listener is reminded of Minus the Bear’s ability to deliver their cerebral instrumentation, pensive song-writing, and serious musicianship with an infectious energy and celebratory spirit. It’s no wonder they ascended to such heights. 

But all things must pass. And so it was that Minus the Bear said farewell to their audience over the course of a US tour in the fall of 2018. They had always been a band that thrived in the live setting, so it only made sense to document those final performances for posterity. Recorded across multiple shows in a variety of cities, “Farewell” serves as both an approximation of the average night’s setlist on that final tour (the song selection changing slightly from night to night) and a chronicle of the band’s sonic evolution. Bolstered by the mix of Matt Bayles and master job by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, the album sounds like a fully immersive live experience. ​​ 

Farewell opens with a highly energized performance of Menos el Oso’s crucial track “Drilling.” Part of the beauty of watching Minus the Bear was hearing their songs unfold on stage and realizing how little studio magic was actually involved in their albums. All the electric wizardry by guitarists David Knudson and Jake Snider, technicolor synth work by Alex Rose, and rhythmic interplay between drummer Joshua Sparks and bassist Cory Murchy happens in real time, and hearing the old favourites here in all their road-tested glory is an invigorating reminder of the band’s razor sharp performances and forward-thinking creativity. Minus the Bear were never a band to rest on their laurels, and Farewell immediately moves onto late career classics like the melancholic banger “Last Kiss.” The whole discography is covered—from first EP cuts likeLemurs, Man, Lemurs” and “Hey, Wanna Throw Up?” to the title track of their final release “Fair Enough”. And in between we hear the roar of the crowd, the heartfelt thanks and bittersweet ruminations on the passing of the years by Snider, and the occasional dad joke by Rose

Farewell covers a lot of ground across the span of its 26 songs and two-hour run time. Yet every moment is a reminder of why Minus the Bear were such an experiential live band. 

Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to offer Farewell to the world on October 29th, 2021 as a 3xLP and on digital formats. The initial pressing was limited to 3,000 copies (1,900 on custom opaque gray vinyl – retail exclusive, 600 on custom opaque gold vinyl (SOLD OUT) – artist exclusive, 500 on custom opaque red vinyl (SOLD OUT) – label exclusive). Due to demand, a repressing of the Farewell Live LP in additional coloured variants is now available (1,000 on coke bottle green vinyl -artist exclusive, and 1,000 on white opaque vinyl

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