CURVES – ” Women’s Fitness Centre “

Posted: October 7, 2021 in MUSIC

The new songs from Vancouver trio Curves scratch a lot of itches. “Crybaby,” the opening track of their lo-fi project “Women’s Fitness Centre“, is one of the funniest, grubbiest songs I’ve heard in a while, evoking crazed eyes and violent giggles, and the tune itself is pretty damn good, too. Their disheveled vocals are bratty to the core, heightening the humour of their lyrics, which find the narrator berating themselves as a “loser,” “substance abuser,” “bonafide crybaby” and, perhaps the sharpest dagger, a 2012 Mitt Romney voter. They also mimic the cries of an actual baby with a snotty snarl, a fitting inclusion to a song full of bluesy punk crud. Then comes the happy-go-lucky guitar pop of “Models,” which is sonically cleaner, but also packs some smirk-worthy lyrics. “No, you’re not a famous model / But you’re full of things that I wanna bottle,” they sing with charm. Curves sound more moody and aloof on “Skinny Bitch,” a song about the burning fear of loneliness, and they show their soft, sentimental side on “Malt Liquor,” an ode to clumsy, young love. They even hold the unique honour of releasing the best Galaxie 500-esque tear-jerker about a forklift (“Never Leave a Forklift Running If You Aren’t Certified”). The pretty melodies, garbled background voice, backwards guitar loops and chorus vocals that start to trip over themselves create this wonderful, ’90s lo-fi sound, simultaneously triggering feelings of warm safety and heartbreaking regret.

While virtually all the songs on Women’s Fitness Centre are a scrappy good time and prime candidates for a sticky dive bar, especially if you’re feeling washed up and just wanna drown your sorrows with friends around, you’d be selling yourself short if you didn’t also use these for a good cry in your bedroom or some menacing laughter during your morning commute to the city.

Jet Simon – Guitar/Vocals
Sarah Richards – Bass/Vocals
Luis Gonzalez – Drums/Backing Vocals

Released August 10th, 2021

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