ERLAND COOPER – ” An Orkney Triptych “

Posted: October 6, 2021 in MUSIC
Erland Cooper

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper explores the natural world of his homeland through an evocative mix of music, words and imagery. Cooper, formerly of The Magnetic North and Erland & The Carnival, is joined by the London Contemporary Orchestra for a journey across a trilogy of albums inspired by his childhood home of Orkney – its air, sea, land, community and dialect. Solan Goose is a record of symphonic pastoral scenes peppered with birdsong, written to escape the stifling reality of city life. We also visit the roaring seascapes of Sule Skerry and hear new pieces from his upcoming album, the last part of the triptych, delving into Orkney’s myth and mythology.

The concert also features spoken word from author Amy Liptrot, whose story echoes Cooper’s own. Leaving Orkney to pursue writing in London, she became overwhelmed by the difficulties and addictions of her urban life. 

“… carves out a moment of audacious tranquility”
The Guardian

“… at once calming and euphoric, with a beauty that’s its own justification”

“A special thing to experience the resolve of a perfectly formed trilogy … a vast, lush, mass of movement, colour and life.”
NARC 5/5

Join me and my nest of musicians as we take our last ferry to Orkney in these special venues, performing my album trilogy show on its final trip north. We’ll play music from across Solan Goose, Sule Skerry and Hether Blether bidding farewell to this ships voyage.

Erland Cooper

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