GANG OF YOUTHS – ” The Angel Of 8th Avenue ” Piano Version

Posted: October 4, 2021 in MUSIC
the angel of 8th ave.

“The Angel of 8th Ave.” is one of those types of song explanations whereas it may be best if we reveal the spoiler from the jump. And that is the titular “Angel of 8th Ave.” is actually a reference to the vocalist’s significant other. More specifically, Gang of Youths’ lead singer David Le’aupepe based this story on two different factors in his life. First is his relationship with his wife. And second would be the fact that the whole Gang of Youths recently relocated to London. And it is such where the song is generally set.

But whereas there is at least one solid reference to London, that is not to say that the narrative is set therein per se. For instance, Le’aupepe also gives a shoutout to “Washington Square” which, as far as we know, is in New York City. So it appears as if the specific metropolis this song is set in is not what’s really important. 

So if one reference points to New York and another to London, the one thing they do have most in common is being prominent metropolises. And again, such a setting is the one in which this narrative takes place. Or more to the point, as explained by the singer, is this love story being situated “in a new city” the narrator is now discovering.

The video is directed by Emile Frederick and both the video and the performance by the band’s frontman playing a stripped-back take on the track really emphasises the emotional core of the song. The raw production of the piano version allows the heart of the song to flow as Le’aupepe gives a suitably powerful performance: his eyes are closed and his face is concentrated as he delivers the sincere and thoughtful lyrics about the feeling of falling in love in a strange new city.

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