NIRVANA – ” The Palace Melbourne 1992 show ” Feat on NEVERMIND Box Set

Posted: October 1, 2021 in MUSIC
The stacked Nirvana 'Nevermind' reissue will include their Melbourne show

Released on September 24th, 1991, the following year saw the Seattle grunge band head to Australia where their gigs became the stuff of legends. They headlined Big Day Out as well as playing The Palace in Melbourne (captured back then by triple j) and now, that Melbourne show is getting an official release as part of the 30th anniversary reissue of “Nevermind” Box Set. When Nirvana journeyed to Australia in 1992, they were on the verge of achieving celebrityhood. The year that grunge broke would still be a little way off and, for a relatively fresh band, the tour was a way to win new fans – whose minds would be colonised when “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ; expose fans to their songs and repertoire and, probably above all, have some fun. That also means that the group could take chances and try new things. Hence, one highlight of the show in Melbourne on February 1st, 1992 is the feedback-drenched jam (before Negative Creep) during which Krist Novoselic recites poetry.

On the Australian leg of this tour, apart from Melbourne, Nirvana also played in Adelaide and Sydney. Melbourne was the last stop before the band took a press trip to $ingapore and then they played Tokyo and Osaka. 

The set is Nirvana’s second night of a 3 night stint at the Palace in Melbourne, a date whose main distinction was that it was the only all ages show of the tour. Several songs were broadcast on the radio triple j that had surfaced many years ago and whetted traders’ appetites for the full show. This recording is unsurprisingly far and away the best sounding recording of the tour.

It is evident that the band is still struggling with their performances Kurt’s voice weak in parts, causing him to hold back on many of the songs, both “Lithium” and “Drain You” show clear evidence of this while on “Negative Creep” his voice sounds truly awful. Kurt even manages to screw up the riff to “School”.

The high points of this gig have mostly appeared on the broadcast JJJ made which unusually instead of focusing on the hits played the best performed songs of the set. “About A Girl, Lounge Act” and “Breed” are all executed well, as is “Lithium” (even though Kurt does forget to turn on his distortion pedal for one of the choruses!). “Love Buzz” features competency by Kurt on guitar as he makes some innovative flourishes that add a lot to the song.

The main centrepiece of the performance is a feedback jam during which Krist recites a couple of lines of improvised poetry.

This new reissue is really stuffed with exciting Nirvana content, featuring a total of 94 audio and video tracks (that’s almost too much Nirvana, almost). 70 of those tracks are also previously unreleased.

And it’s not just the Melbourne show that’s included: live concert footage from Amsterdam, California, Tokyo is also in the reissue. If that somehow wasn’t enough, two live albums are packed in, “Live at the Paramount” (Seattle) and “Live at Reading”, which is a very famous gig indeed.

There’s the standard different bundles and formats to tickle your fancy, including the basic remastered version through to the imposing sounding Super Deluxe. The Super Deluxe is seriously overflowing with stuff and will be available in both vinyl and CD+Blu-ray (5 CDs plus Blu-ray – Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands complete concert video newly remastered audio & video in HD).

So once the reissues arrive on November 12th, you know what to buy for the Nirvana fan in your life for Christmas.

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