AC/DC – ” Through The Mists Of Time “

Posted: October 1, 2021 in MUSIC
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AC/DC return with a fifth video from “Power Up”, the nostalgic “Through The Mists Of Time“,  the latest single to be issued from their hugely-successful 2020 comeback album “Power Up”. It’s the third video released this year from one of the best Album’s of 2020, following on from the January release of a promo clip for the album’s opening track “Realize“, and June’s performance video for “Witch’s Spell”.

Vocalist Brian Johnson previously said that the song gives him “goosebumps”. The singer also discussed “Through The Mists Of Time” in a November 2020 interview with Radio X.
Angus wrote the lyrics for that song,” said Johnson, “and I believe he captured everything about the early days when the band started, when rock and roll was just carefree, when nobody gave a flying thought about anything except just having a good time and playing. And all this lovely innocence was gone. And I think [the lyrics] encapsulated [the sentiment]. To tell you the truth, every time I hear it, I still get a goosebump, and it’s a tribute to Malcolm: Through The Mists Of Time. And it’s different. I don’t know if it’s different from anything we’ve done before, but it certainly stands apart.”
“It’s just a ride through time, in a kind of way,” Angus Young said “It’s a bit of a journey.” 

The Australian hard rock band’s 17th studio album, “Power Up” topped the charts in 21 countries following its release on November 13th 2020. The album is dedicated to the memory of Malcolm Young, AC/DC’s founding rhythm guitarist, who died in 2017. 

“It’s just rock’n’roll, you know?,” Brian Johnson. “It’s a powerful thing. Everybody loves rock’n’roll. And by crikey the world needs it right now!”

  1. The best song they’ve done in decades from the best album in 30 years

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