JESSE MALIN – ” Sad And Beautiful World “

Posted: September 26, 2021 in MUSIC
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Jesse Malin consolidates the good form of his previous album on the excellent “Sad And Beautiful World“, which
shows both the roots and rock sides of the American musician, It’s been almost twenty years since Jesse Malin showed up with the Ryan Adams-produced The Fine Art Of Self Destruction. The musician from New York already had a whole musical life at the time, but made an impression with his solo debut. Since then he has made a less album, but most of Jesse Malin’s albums are excellent and definitely deserve more praise than they have received. After the great “Sunset Kids” from 2019, “Sad and Beautiful World” is also an excellent album. On the first disc we hear the roots musician Jesse Malin, on the second disc the rock musician.

Jesse Malin was the leader of the American band D Generation in the early 90s.The band had the sympathy of the critics, who predicted the band a great future more than once, but when commercial success failed, it was quickly done with D Generation.

At the turn of the current millennium, Jesse Malin was picked up by Ryan Adams, who had just begun his solo career after leaving his band Whiskeytown behind. Ryan Adams produced “The Fine Art Of Self Destruction“, the solo debut of Jesse Malin, released in 2002, The debut of the musician from New York was followed by a number of excellent albums, but the success of Jesse Malin unfortunately remained modest. The 2015 Release of “Outsiders“, but in 2019 he returned surprisingly strong with “the Sunset Kids” produced by none other than Lucinda Williams, which was not inferior to his glorious debut album.

After “Sunset Kids”, I started with sky-high expectations on this week’s “Sad And Beautiful World”, but Jesse Malin certainly didn’t disappoint . Jesse Malin again called on Lucinda Williams, who is still recovering from a stroke, but where she produced the entire album two years ago, this time she limits herself to two tracks and some vocals.
With friends of musicians Derek Cruz and Geoff Sanoff, Jesse Malin has this time called in two lesser-known producers and also among the laundry list of musicians that can be heard on the album are missing, besides Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams, the really big names. It has had no consequences for the quality of the album, because “Sad And Beautiful World” sounds beautiful both musically and in production.

It is an album that contains no less than 15 songs and almost 55 minutes of music and that consists of two parts. The first part, Roots Rock, is an extension of the previous album and shows the roots musician Jesse Malin. It is a genre in which the musician from New York can get along very well. The first part of the album features a tasteful roots sound, in which the voice of Jesse Malin comes into its own. The Roots Rock shows the side of Jesse Malin, which I like to hear, but also when the American musician opts for a more rock oriented sound on the second part of the album, the level is high quality rock n roll.

This second movement, Radicals, certainly does not completely turn away from the roots music, but is also strongly influenced by the rock music and new wave as it was made in the second half of the 70s in New York and also contains a touch of Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band. but Radicals also contains some great songs.

Jesse Malin is a musician who has often been written off in his musical life, which now spans some 40 years, but time and time again he returns in an impressive way. He did it two years ago with the beautiful “Sunset Kids” and consolidates the excellent form on the once again very good “Sad And Beautiful Word“. 

released September 24, 2021

Sad and Beautiful World

Jesse Malin – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Derek Cruz – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, BGVs, Percussion, Synth, Mandolin, Piano
Rob Clores – Keys, Synth, Piano
James Cruz – Bass
Randy Schrager – Drums, Percussion

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