ILLUMINATI HOTTIES – ” Pool Hopping (Strange Pool Remix) ” Feat. Bartees Strange

Posted: September 26, 2021 in MUSIC
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“2020 was a year no one could have predicted would turn out the way it did, including Sarah Tudzin and Illuminati Hotties. After the success of her debut album “Kiss Yr Frenemies“, and coining the term “tenderpunk,” Illuminati Hotties were on their way to recording and releasing a highly anticipated sophomore album. However, things at the label started to fall apart, and Illuminati Hotties found themselves stuck in a contract with a label who didn’t have the infrastructure to put out the album the band had been crafting for months. “It felt like any momentum came to a screeching halt. It felt painful to pick up a guitar, to write, to record any loose ends that needed to happen to wrap up the album,” Sarah recalls. With the emotional turmoil and uncertainty, Sarah turned her focus to songs that would become FREE I.H. The positive response brought back the energy and Sarah dove straight into the new album “Let Me Do One More“. The result is a diverse, layered album of “all riprs and no more skiprs.” From the vibrant, clever, and undeniably fun,

Known for the deeply DIY ethos and biting commentary in her music, Illuminati Hotties‘ Sarah Tudzin is gearing up for the release of her next LP, “Let Me Do One More“. So far, the musician has previewed the effort with the fiery track “Mmmoooaaaaayaya,” the Buck Meek-featuring “Uvvp,” and the sun-soaked single “Pool Hopping.” Now, Tudzin has enlisted the assistance of another indie rock favourite to remix one of her “Let Me Do One More” songs.

Tudzin tapped Bartees Strange, whose 2020 debut LP Live Forever was one of the best of the year, to rework “Pool Hopping.” The new version of the song takes the original up a few notches as Bartees Strange adds dimension with his complimentary vocals and jaunty guitar.

Speaking about the remix in a statement, Tudzin applauded Bartees Strange’s talents. “There is no one at this whole dang pool party that could give a better spin on ‘Pool Hopping’ than Bartees Strange,” she said. “I’m so honoured to have found a collaborator and friend in Bartees. Also I’m thrilled that he said yes to adding his style so we can all celebrate ‘Pool Hopping’ Summer for just a little bit longer.”

“Let Me Do One More” featuring  “Pool Hopping (Strange Pool Remix)” (feat. Bartees Strange)on Snack Shack Tracks, under exclusive license to Hopeless Records, Inc.

Released on: 19th August 2021

Let Me Do One More via Snack Shack Tracks/Hopeless Records.

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