The SHIVAS – ” Feels So Good, Feels So Bad “

Posted: September 25, 2021 in MUSIC
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Delicate like 2016’s Better off Dead, with a determined, candid sense of desperation and frustration, “Feels So Good // Feels So Bad” is an album of acceptance. It’s an uphill battle, with a glorifying sense of self and a satisfying sound to accompany the motions. Portland, Oregon-hailing psych-surf band The Shivas accomplish another time-traveling, reverb-ridden sound that refuses to get boring. Jared Molyneux’s guitar work knows when to be bright or bashful at the right times, breaking into guitar solos that possess a late-’60s groove. There’s a certain skill to channelling a slow surf-jam like “You Wanna Be My Man” as nimbly as the garage-heavy “Feel So Bad,” but The Shivas seem to blissfully flourish at either end of that spectrum. 

By putting it into song. “Feels So Bad,” The Shivas’ latest single off their forthcoming album Feels So Good // Feels So Bad is — simply put — a breakup song for the Before Times.

Though the psych-tinged guitar riff that drives “Feels So Bad” was written while The Shivas were still on the road, its lyrics didn’t fall into place until the band was well into lockdown, unsure of when they’d be able to return to their most imperative true love: Live shows.

“This was a song about wanting to be able to go out and play music and not being able to,” guitarist/singer Jared Molyneux said in a statement. “It felt like becoming a different person not doing that, like a break-up that you did not want to happen. It was like getting dumped!”

From the album ‘Feels So Good // Feels So Bad” out 24th September 21

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