KEATON HENSON – ” Fragments “

Posted: September 25, 2021 in MUSIC
Fragments EP + Monument vinyl bundle [Pre-Order]

A new collaboration with Julien Baker , featured in this week’s is Keaton Henson track ‘Marionette.’ The track’s subtle and beautiful melody line created from these two masterful songwriters has us listening to the ‘Fragments’ EP on repeat. His new EP “Fragments”, a companion piece to last year’s Monument LP, written and recorded at the same time.

Monument is a fragile, meditative and emotional unravelling of grief in the aftermath of losing his father, and for all its hushed acoustics, Monument cocooned its emotion in some beautifully tender melodies and acute observations. It’s a warm and relatable listen. On Fragments EP, whilst the lyrical themes and subjects may stray from Monument’s poignant subject matter, in its sound and atmosphere, it feels suitably entwined.

The eight tracks that form the EP orbit a sweeping kaleidoscope of sonic shapes, shades and textures. Keaton’s voice offers lyrics in an almost frozen romanticism. It’s a voice that sounds rooted in turmoil but also of strength. A happy sadness. Bleakly beautiful.

Another new track ‘No Love Lost’ from Keaton Henson ‘Fragments’ EP. Henson describes the song as “a sideways look at being left behind, less a love song and more a “don’t worry I’ll be fine song”, though I don’t know how much I believe him.”

Julien Baker shares a mic from across the ocean on new single ‘Marionette’. A songwriter of due reverence herself, Baker and Keaton share an affinity with the power of hushed words, fizzing melodies, and an innate wisdom.

The “Fragments EP and “Monument” are two fine bodies of work by this singular, unique British artist, and two empathetic records of sorrow and strength.

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