GEESE – ” Projector “

Posted: September 23, 2021 in MUSIC
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Brooklyn band Geese will release their debut album “Projector” on October 29th via Partisan Records and they’ve just shared the title track. “Projector” is moody and anthemic, with a fair amount of atmospheric drama injected into it. “The opening riff on ‘Projector’ was the first thing we ever wrote for the record,” says frontman Cameron. “When the song was finished, it became a jumping off point for the rest of the album. We liked it because it was something decidedly different from the music we had been writing up to that point. Though we didn’t know it then, it’s fitting that ‘Projector’ became the title track on the record; it’s the song that ushered in the album’s sound.”

This is a big month for buzzy Brooklyn rockers Geese, who will play their first-ever festival set at Shaky Knees on Saturday afternoon, just days before the October. 29th release of their debut album, “Projector“, via Partisan/Play It Again Sam. The band—singer and lead songwriter Cameron Winter, guitarist Gus Green, guitarist Foster Hudson, bassist Dom DiGesu and drummer Max Bassin, the oldest of whom just turned 19 (!) this spring channeling a kaleidoscopic set of influences (including everyone from Pink Floyd to the aforementioned black midi) into their unpredictable torrents of post-punk, dance-rock, psychedelia and so on. You’re going to want to get ahead of the curve on Geese, and this is a golden opportunity to do it.

Written and produced by Geese Mixed by Dan Carey Mastered by Bernie Grundman Released by Partisan Records and Play It Again Sam

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