HAWTORNE HEIGHTS – ” The Rain Just Follows Me “

Posted: September 14, 2021 in MUSIC

“Hawthorne Heights shows time and time again their ability to form a current sound while staying true to their own sound. The band are adaptable while recognizing where their music lies. This is bundled with passion making fans feel validated as they enter new eras of their favourite band.

Ohio band Hawthorne Heights are set to drop their newest record, The Rain Just Follows Me, via Pure Noise Recordings ,

Title track “The Rain Just Follows Me” delivers a fast-paced yet serene sound. Using descending melodies, the track feels whole. While adding elements of piano and isolated vocals gives fans a moment of relief.  “Holy Coast” manifests that early-2000’s emo anthem that is easy to fall in love with. The track takes listeners on a nostalgic ride while still incorporating the new era that the band is leading fans into.

Following “Holy Coast” is “Tired and Alone;” the track is full of a swinging chorus that is impossible to forget, making this song an easy one to leave on repeat. The intro to “Thunder In Our Hearts” introduces itself on an aggressive note but ascends into a melodic verse. The chorus is hooky laced with infectious screams, making for an ear pleasing contrast.

On a more solemn note, “Spray Paint It Black,” the word “winter” is articulated, releasing the feeling of the frigid season. Lead vocalist J.T Woodruff stresses vocals with raw growls, emphasizing the band’s ability to create a refreshing sound.

Leaning on their more pop-punk sound, “Palm Canyon Drive” and “Seafoam” fit perfectly together. These tracks engulf listeners into their catchy euphoria, leaving an everlasting impression.

Exhibiting crisp dynamics comes “Words Can’t Hurt,” showcasing a swift back-and-forth between clean and screaming vocals and a punching decline throughout the bridge.

As the record ends, listeners are greeted with a heavy beginning that swiftly transitions into steady beat within “Bambarra Beach (The End)” adding cinematic dramatics highlighting whispering vocals alongside crashing music.

Hawthorne Heights forms emotional connection with their fanbase as they continue on their career as iconic inspirations. Leading single “Constant Dread” puts forth an aura of familiarity that lures listeners into a certain kind of comfort. The band recognizes the evolution that emo-alternative music has taken throughout the years and applies that to this track.

released September 10th, 2021

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