BUFFALO DAUGHTER – ” We Are The Times “

Posted: September 12, 2021 in MUSIC

Buffalo Daughter are a three-member group consisting of Sugar Yoshinaga, Yumiko Ohno and MoOoG Yamamoto, often augmented by a drummer and other guests. Their sound is heavily influenced by German progressive rock and techno pop, but also includes bits of dub, club, shoe gaze and post-rock influences. Given their mix and match style, and that they emerged in the mid-90s, they are often considered as part of the Shibuya-kei movement.

This versatile group has collaborated with a wide range of artists including the French ambient pop group Air, former member of techno-pop pioneers The Plastics, idol Ami Suzuki, veteran Mari NatsukiTakako MinakaCorneliusNaoko Yamano of Shonen Knife and Cibo Matto. Sugar also sometimes plays in the side project band Metalchicks, and has toured the States and Europe with them. While keeping themselves busy with the tour life, Buffalo Daughter also find it interesting to collaborate with the visual artist such as graphic artists and painters. The band has the history of having close relationships with the artists and that gave them some opportunities to perform at the gallery and museum in the past.”

First single “ET” (Densha) from upcoming album “We Are The Times”.

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