SOOT SPRITE – ” Poltergeists ” EP

Posted: September 8, 2021 in MUSIC
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Originally the solo project of Elise Cook, Soot Sprite have evolved into a three piece shoegaze/ dream pop outfit for their sophomore EP ‘Sharp Tongue’. Now in 2020 for their single ‘It’s Summer and I don’t Feel Like Smiling’ the full outfit comprises of Elise Cook, Sean Marriner and Tom Gilbert

The Exeter trio Soot Sprite announced a new EP, “Poltergeists”, due out October 29th via Specialist Subject Records. The first single is “Alone Not Lonely,” an anthemic, propulsive track. “This was one of those epiphany moments, where I realised that alone I was not only okay, but I was thriving, and it wasn’t down to anyone else except myself,” lead singer Elsie Cook says. “It was that realisation of self-love and owning my accomplishments in life. It came out in this form of pure joy that I needed to put into song.”

New EP from Exeter’s Soot Sprite! 6 songs on a one sided 12″, purple smoke vinyl limited to 500 copies.

From Soot Sprite’s ‘Poltergeists’ EP out 29th October via Specialist Subject Records

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