CAROLINE – ” Skydiving Onto The Library Roof “

Posted: September 8, 2021 in MUSIC
May be an image of 8 people, people standing and outdoors

London-based band Caroline have release their latest single “Skydiving Onto The Library Roof” on vinyl.

The much anticipated 12-inch edition features the track along with b-side Everything for everyone. It is the band’s second release for Rough Trade Records following their debut, “Dark Blue” in March last year. 

The new signings to Rough Trade Records Caroline shared their debut single ‘Dark blue’ backed with new track ‘BRJ’. Watch the video for “Dark Blue” directed by the artist Joe Namy. Both tracks are available to listen to now and they will also be released as a 12″ Single.

On the video for Dark blue Caroline say: “We see ‘Caroline’ as being ‘systems-based’ music in the way that all the musical parts are mutually interdependent and none are expendable. This video shows a city and explores how, with it’s similarly interconnected roads, tracks, tunnels and rivers, it shares something with this characteristic of our music and of this song in particular. A city’s architectural features, and the ways that they coexist with each other, became analogies for the musical parts that knot together in ‘Dark blue’. 

“We’ve always been interested inpatterns and repetition and that definitely features in a big way, although rather than there being a minimalistic, mechanical precision to therepetition, each one is unique,” the group explain of the track.“The essence of the song -the broken loop -came early in the process and everything else seemed to naturally evolve out of it, as if the other parts were already contained within the broken loop and just needed to be unpacked.”

Caroline, are an eight-person London-based band,

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