ANDY SHAUF – ” Spanish On The Beach “

Posted: September 1, 2021 in MUSIC
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Last year, Andy Shauf released his most recent and a terrific album, “The Neon Skyline”. (We named it among one of  the vest albums of 2020 .) Now, Shauf’s finally about to hit the road and play these songs live, and ahead of kicking his tour off he’s shared a new single.

Shauf’s latest is called “Spanish On The Beach.” As usual with Shauf, it’s a story song — depicting a couple on a resort vacation. There is also reference to Judy, the character from The Neon Skyline. “It’s the same theme as the story ended up being at the Skyline but the narrator’s life is a little bit booze-fuelled,” Shauf said of the song. “And this vacation is kind of like the first stop on the way to destruction.”

“Spanish On The Beach” is out now via Anti-Records.

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