JESSE MALIN – ” State Of The Heart “

Posted: August 31, 2021 in MUSIC
Video Premiere: Jesse Malin Explores A Historic Mansion in “State of the Art”

Jesse Malin will release a new double album, “Sad and Beautiful World”, on September 24th via Wicked Cool Records. “This one is for the survivors, the dreamers, the leavers and the believers,” says Jesse. “My music has always been about rebirth and redemption. Sad and Beautiful World is for those who pick up the pieces and find beauty in the madness.”

The album is divided into two themed discs: “Root Rock” is mostly “sad eyed ballads” while “Radicals” is a little louder, but the whole thing was influenced by the last year. “The sirens, the protests, riots and the darkness outside my doorstep definitely made its way in these songs,” adds Malin. “Everything rose to a boiling point, and we found a way to get through it.

The album includes “The Way We Used To Roll” and his cover of Tom Petty’s “Crawling Back To You” and the new single is “State of the Art.”

According to Malin, the album was written and recorded in his native New York City, between 2020 and 2021 and it takes its title from the Jim Jarmusch movie, Down by Law.

Discussing the “State of the Art” video, Malin says, “The band and I reunited for the first time outside of New York City at a historic mansion in Staten Island. It was fun to go somewhere I didn’t even think existed. We went for the Kubrick, Barry Lyndon, Wes Anderson look… This is a statement about how isolated we’ve been, and getting lost in all the distractions that can be filtered into our homes while we’re overselling ourselves.”

Having already played a few shows recently since NYC opened up, Jesse Malin will be on tour this summer and fall with UK and European shows. 

Jesse Malin Under Exclusive License To Wicked Cool Records Released on: 2021-07-12

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